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Knowledge Isn't Power!


Knowledge is Not Power
By David Klaybor
(Money Maker's Monthly)

You only really achieve power after you implement a 3 part system.

1. The organization of knowledge,

2. that is put into action,

3. that will give you the power you need to succeed!

Let's Prove This Theory Together...

Many extremely talented entrepreneurs earn average incomes and have few assets. They turn to network marketing to turbo-charge their financial statements and often times earn very little extra money. The MLM company they represent is most often a great vehicle to financial independence. Most distributors are supercharged with enthusiasm, optimism and hope for their futures. This emotion is the fuel that drives the machine. Statistically, so few make it because they do not have a road map, a blue print, a proven success formula to attain their goals and dreams. The distributors ultimately run out of gas (excitement) and stall in their business opportunities. That's when your phone rings. Whether you are new to multi-level marketing, or even if you are a veteran, there will be a time when one of your downline confronts you with the following scenario.

A distributor in your downline group asks to talk with you privately about the fact that his business just isn't working out the way he had planned.

He states something like, "I have done everything you and the company have told me to do, and I'm just not making it."

Unfortunately, you tell him, "You've got what it takes; you've got great potential. Are you making your ten prospecting calls each day? Are you taking your prospects to the meetings? Are you asking for referrals from your prospects and retail customers? Are you using our company's products and services? You know I'm here whenever you need me, call me using my 3-way phone capability."

You pat your distributor on the back and tell him,
"go get 'em Tiger!"

We all say something like that don't we? What else can we say since we don't have any statistical data to review regarding their activities and performance.

This is commonly know as the MLM "Aspirin" technique.

As your distributor walks out the door from your meeting, he/she thinks, "That's the same old generic rhetoric I keep hearing from others in the industry. When will somebody tell me something that will help me; something that will empower me to take action? I need serious medicine for my problems."

These distributors honestly don't believe you have helped them in their time of need and go away to (perhaps)die a slow MLM death with a negative feeling about you and the company. They are also mad at themselves for getting involved. This is a lose-lose-lose situation.Additionally, as they walk away, you think to yourself, "It's just a matter of time before that distributor falls out of my sales organization."

Repetitive occurrences of this unfortunate situation can be significantly reduced and turned into a win-win situation benefiting you, your distributors and your company.

PowerLine Systems, a fantastic new MLM training firm, has researched the fall-out problem and has come up with a revolutionary technique to specifically identify the strengths and weaknesses of each distributor so you, like a doctor, can diagnose and offer a prescription that will CURE your distributors plight.

If you don't cure them, their woes will become yours! I strongly recommend that you develop an organizational time management business planner that looks a bit like a day planner book and radically customize it for use by career oriented network marketing professionals in your sales organization.

You can create a tailor-made system that dramatically assists you, the upline leader, and provide yourself with a "diagnostic tool " that you can use to review the business activities of each individual in your group. This data, or diary, of specialized activities, enables you to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in key areas of your distributors' MLM environments.

These key areas include: goals, calendar activities and events, prospecting, meeting attendance, retailing, referrals, long distance sponsoring activities, conference call log, ad tracking systems, 3-way call events, downline communications, training attendance and accounting. Write us if you need more information on the categories.

A manager or leader like you NEEDS hard data in order to manage, lead, problem-solve and run your business effectively! Up until now you have had to rely on "gut-feeling" in order to interpret the "problem scenario" outlines in the beginning of this article. Distributor fall-out has been one of the major problem areas that have never been significantly resolved in the last 30 years of MLM. Company owners and top distributors have been "programmed" or conditioned" to accept these distributor turn-over statistics as "reality". That's why many distributors sponsor like crazy and hope that a few people "catch-on" to the MLM business and keep producing sales volume. The revolving door keeps going round and round.

Most distributors have to keep sponsoring new blood year after year. They never get the chance to retire with the grand income they had hoped for when they created their business. We all know the great success stories top 100 or so "super-distributors that have made it to retirement, but there are thousands of great distributors who may have earned $10K to $30K a month at one time or another, but most are broke today, aren't they?

Honestly, how many brilliant super-humans do you know that start all over year after year? The good news is you don't have to prescribe the MLM 'aspirin' anymore. If you start your serious distributors out in the business with a radically customized day planner that monitors the key fundamental areas of activity "proven" to create success in your distributors business, you will be able to accurately diagnose the trouble spots affecting his/her sales performance.

Imagine the next time a distributor cries out for help. Like a doctor, you will be able to confidently ask to review his business "diary" You will spend quality time analyzing his MLM performance in key areas , identifying strengths and weaknesses, reviewing goals and prescribing a powerful "prescription" he can follow to cure his problem areas and most importantly, keep him active in business...your business!

It should be very apparent by now how archaic the existing system really is. Its no wonder there are low sales activity and high fall-out ratios, apparent in all MLM opportunities. No MLM doctor has been able to "treat their downline patients" because it was like operating on a sick patient with a blindfold on!

It is said that leaders with true vision, have the ability to see the invisible! You can't see all the CASH you are losing each month due to missed appointments, lost numbers, poor follow-up, not asking for referrals, poor time management, etc.

Take out a pen and write this down: Write down the percentage of increased productivity you could have IF you greatly improved your organization and time management skills in the areas described herein. Would it 10, 20 or 30%? Now write down the REALISTIC income you expect to earn in '92. Multiply the percentage times the cash amount, to show you the EXTRA CASH you would put in your bank account if you applied yourself in the professional suggestions we have identified. Write down what you could drive, live in, places you could travel to, or whom you could help with this extra money! Now subtract $160.00, the cost of the business planning system... you still have a lot left, don't you? What are you waiting for? Learn to invest in all areas of self improvement tools. YOU ARE WORTH IT. (and self-improvement tools are tax deductible!)

If you think that all this documentation is a lot of work, you are wrong. Everyone is scribbling this data down hundreds of times a day on the backs of envelopes, post-it notes, napkins and various paper tablets. Just look at most desks. They are a disorganized mess! We all need to stop rationalizing our behavior and start reprogramming our habits for success. In order for our finances to change, we have to get organized! Strive to behave more like an MLM professional. You will have more free time, less stress, less pressure, more fun, more money and more status in the industry. Your chances of retiring early look a lot brighter now, don't they?

People don't fail at multi-level, they quit!

Or said another way: Multi-level marketing works, do you?

The same applies to all life's activities.
Always seek professional help to solve your problems.

The PowerLine Business Planner can help you organize your life, your business, your down line. Call us for corporate deals and seminars about the PowerLine Business Planner. It's the professional solution!

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