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Installing Secrets


The Magic of Marketing…
To Yourself!
David Klaybor

Want to motivate and teach yourself? Just grab some Post-It notes…

I got lucky one day. If you use the acronym, L-U-C-K as Laboring Under Correct Knowledge- I got some very correct knowledge that changed my life. Marketing to yourself – I call it SELF-MARKETING.

I had been to a Zig Zigglar seminar and he mentioned that you should write something that mattered to you, something that compelled you to take action, on your bathroom mirror. Interesting idea, I thought. Of course, I was busily taking notes from the seminar to be filed later in my note graveyard – we all have a not graveyard. It's either a box, a drawer, or perhaps an overstuffed filing cabinet folder. It’s where we put all these notes… and our from-out-of-the-blue flashes of inspiration. Amazing… the very wisdom we need to achieve our goals, dreams and aspirations, hidden from view. You know what they say – "out of sight, out of mind."

So, where are yours?

Are they changing your life?

Anyway, before I put these notes away into lost and gone-for-ever land, I said to myself, "He told me to write something on my bathroom mirror." Soooo, I grabbed my notes glanced at them briefly, and sure enough something jumped off the page at me. I'll never forget it. Bopped me in the nose. It said,

"Success isn't an elevator, it's a stairway you take one step at a time."

I wrote it on my bathroom mirror.

How is it that I know that phrase – a phrase I heard way back from when I was in my early 20’s? How can I repeat it to you right now? Was just writing on my bathroom mirror that did it? Yes, it was.

Six weeks after I first wrote that, I was with a friend and I said to that friend, "You know, success isn't an elevator, it's a stairway you fall down once in a while." And of course that was a silly thing to say, but I remember my friend looking at me and what his eyes told me was, "Whoa! David just said something really cool!"

Well, I didn't think much more about it, but when I got home and was brushing my teeth, there was that note I wrote on my bathroom mirror.

Now here's the key: That information that was written on my bathroom mirror got installed into my subconscious mind and I was never even aware of it!


How do you spell relief?

I’m sure you’re saying to yourself R-O-L-A-I-D-S. 99 percent of Americans over 20 know. But did you know that commercial went off air almost 15 years ago? Isn't that amazing! Yet the minute I said that phrase, your brain instantaneously brought that years-old memory back into real time now.

Try completing the following phrases:


_______ puts you in the driver's seat.

Plop. Plop, fizz, fizz, oh ___________!

You deserve a __________________

Winston tastes good like ________

Believe it or not, I could probably give you a 50,000-question test of phrases like these and you would get an "A" on it. And what’s interesting is you didn't go to Hertz College, or the Alka Seltzer Institute or McDonalds’ Hamburger University. The Rolaids company paid a marketing firm to develop that phrase and the marketing people paid radio and TV stations again and again and again and over again, until you and I and 189,000,000 others got it into our heads and it wouldn't get out!



We had the hardware – our brains. They took software (radio and TV and print media) and ‘installed’ their program into our hard drives. You and I are the original PCs. Our brain is the ultimate personal computer, and what’s crazy – REALLY CRAZY – is that we let anybody and everybody program it!

"You deserve a break today… You deserve a break today..." was ‘installed’ into our personal computers at such a number of "impressions" that it was permanently burned into our subconscious mind.

And look, a lot of the people reading this were only four, five, or six years old when they heard these things and yet they still remember them word-for-word.

This is pretty powerful stuff!

If your subconscious mind is bombarded with sufficient spaced repetition, that phrase, tune, message, THOUGHT, whatever, will stay with you forever!

And think about this: Experts assert that our subconscious mind accepts all input as if it were true. Of course you spell relief R-O-L-A-I-D-S. I sure do deserve a break today – and I’m going to take it where…?

Madison Avenue has made billions out of the basic fact that we humans believe whatever gets into our subconscious often enough.

It’s no wonder Henry Ford spoke the greatest truth when he said, "Whether you think you can or think you can't – you’re right."

Once I discovered that I had control over what went into my mind, the first thing I wanted to do was to install all the great information in the world into myself. So I grabbed the Post-It notes and I wrote down Post-It after Post-It after Post-It of empowering phrases. But here's what I found out: A whole bunch of different phrases didn't work. One phrase repeated all the time – that worked. Just like the note on the bathroom mirror. Just like McDonalds "You deserve…." One phrase, repeated so often in such a memorable way it dominated all the others.

Look at children’s books. They aren't big and thick and complicated. They deal one issue and repeat the theme throughout the book made all the more "user friendly" with pictures and colors. And if you've ever read a kid’s book to a kid you know you will read it to her again and again – and she can tell you who did what, when, where, on what page and pretty much ‘read’ the book right along with you even though she can't read yet.

Look, this Self-Marketing has been around since Socrates, Jesus, and Buddha. Just by saying (reading, hearing, watching…) something over and over, you get it, keep it, and experience it as TRUE.

So, take a Post-It pad and write something down that empowers you or that you want to "install" in your computer, such as a closing line to a prospect. The phrase should be in first person and include and action step. Write down the very thing you want to accomplish in your life right now. If your goal is to lose weight, you might say something like, "Eat right and exercise all day."

Write it in bold letters with a felt tip pen and put it above your bed so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up. Put one on the bathroom mirror… in the car… next to the phone… Did you know they have a computer program called Stickies? It's a whole bunch of do-it-yourself Post-Its you can stick up on your computer screen.

You know what this self-marketing is? It’s a success commercial. The ultimate narrow-cast advertisements: You marketing to you. You're very own success commercials. An entire marketing network devoted to your success.


At it's best successful marketing is saying the right thing to the right people. Successful Self-Marketing is saying the rightist things of all to the rightist person in the world. For you to be a successful Network Marketer, you must first market to yourself successfully.

Take your goals… your aspirations… that thing that will make the most difference to you in all other areas of your life… and affirm them through a Self-Marketing campaign. Keep them up for 28 days – one phase of the moon – and see what happens.

I predict you will change for the better, maybe even forever!

The greatest Network Marketers in the world are Masters of Self-Marketing.


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