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Simple vs. Complicated


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In the Land of the Blind,
The One-Eyed Man is King!

Simple and Duplicable Training Vs. Complicated Leadership Training...
Which is Best For You?
by David Klaybor

For three decades, distributors and company administrators have been confronted with a confusing dilemma. They must teach a simple and duplicable sales strategy to their distributor force, while cultivating super-human beings.

Top distributors like Larry Thompson, Jim Forbair, Glen Turner, Jeff Schlegal,Dan Denton, David Sage, Mark Yarnel, Dan McCormick, Dan Stamman, etc,... insist that all multi-level activities be simple and duplicable. These basic teaching formulas are taught in phrases like:
or "Retail-Sponsor-Train" ...
or "You are a Paid Professional Story Teller..."

Sound familiar?

On the other hand, motivational, self improvement speakers like Zig Zigglar, Tom Hopkins, Tony Robbins, Dennis Waitley, and Brian Tracy insist that we learn sales phraseology, learn how to ask powerful questions, use time management techniques, use body language, implement organizational skills, etc.

Who's right?
The simple/duplicable teacher or the technical training advocates?

I first studied and then implemented both concepts while working on my "Doctorate" Degree in Direct Sales Marketing. My research led me to the following conclusion:

They are both correct. Let me explain:

First, we begin with Napoleon Hill's thoughtful reflection that knowledge is not power... Only the organization of knowledge that is put into action can lead us to achieving our goals, dreams and aspirations (unless you win the lottery).

Top leaders in Multi-Level opportunities are developed from 20% of the sales force who produce 80% of the sales volume. These entrepreneurs must learn and practice higher-levels of leadership qualities in order to handle the serious responsibilities they now carry. Yet these same leaders must show and teach simple, duplicable formulas to other distributors who do not necessarily want to know all these complicated details.

Most distributors only wish to purchase the company products at wholesale and sponsor on a strictly part-time level. Although they don't produce significant personal sales volumes, they are still a vital part of the company. They help spread the work or "network" the opportunity to the nation.

They (distributors) are, to a multi-level firm, what image-advertising on national television is to a Fortune 500 company. The reason Amway is a household name is because they have millions of individuals substantiating the credibility of the company and its products by word-of-mouth interactions. These fine entrepreneurs don't need complicated sales training... they enjoy stimulating, motivational, basic teachings avoiding complicated closing techniques.

"Okay," you say, "I already knew that." Well, here's where it gets tougher.

Top leaders desperately need ongoing leadership training. They shouldn't try to manage the lives, futures, and fortunes of large groups of people without professional training. Let's be honest. Most parents agree that they thought they knew what they were doing when they started a family. They quickly discovered that, if they had received professional parent training, they would have been better prepared for the challenging role ahead and made fewer mistakes along the way.

As with the truck driver who became a millionaire and the single parent who built a huge sales group, top distributors MUST learn a mountain of how-to and what-not-to-do information so they can hold everyone's life together! There are perhaps millions of people who are depending on these select few. Could this be you?

A distributor does not have time to take a Dale Carnegie 21-day leadership course in the middle or the "momentum" phase of his/her business. They are inundated with teaching distributors, giving meetings, conference calling, traveling etc., 8 days a week! These hopeful individuals tolerate the confusion because they visualize million dollar assets in their futures. But then, as quickly as some distributors and companies rise, the momentum plummets! Why? Sometimes this "negative experience" occurs because the top management of the company is inexperienced. Perhaps they become greedy and confiscate the funds. Often phenomenal success destroys a company because it cannot ship product due to low inventories and poor cash flow. Lack of leadership, poor leadership in the field, flaws within the corporate shell, mixed signals from outside consultants, or bad press from poorly educated government authorities and new agents have marred our industry forever.

Every "Why did they fail?" debate ultimately leads back to poor leadership. The well-intentioned men and women who became "in-charge" of hundreds of thousands of Multi-level Marketers often are poorly prepared for the specific role they must play in their marketing business. Some have masters degrees, good speaking skills, love people, and many have been successful in the past. Multi-level marketing, like all of humanity, plays by the "80/20" rule. Knowing and doing just a little bit more than the other guy, is often the difference between designing a future and a living. You are either:


an " 80 percenter"


a " 20 percenter"


a " 20%" wannabe


or an " 80%" going-to-be!

The reality is, if you plan to be a leader, make every reasonable effort to learn the teachings of the self-improvement "masters'. Time and organizational management skills MUST be developed.

Directors must learn how to perform company events and speak informatively. The mark of a true leader is measured in how he/she imparts knowledge and information to those who need it. Leaders must learn to harness the 1990's technology: telecommunications, voice-mail, video and audio tapes, and the newest training methods. The basics are essential and in fact, they are the foundation of networking, keep teaching them. Just learn when to make the transition from mastering the basics to mastering the teachings of the "Masters".

A great leader teaches the "simple" formula to his/her group and practices the "simple" formula in front of the group so they duplicate his/her "simple business patterns". But quietly, behind the scenes, he/she is cultivating other "leaders-to-be" by exposing more advanced training formulas. These few rising stars have demonstrated this by their performance. They are not only ready to grow, but must grow, in order to survive!

Advanced training is not duplicable. That's why you don't show it, talk about it, etc,... but it is vital to any person involved in the leadership and management of others. Do not initially expose your rookies to computers or professional sales training, etc. They must first know the basics, inside and out, and demonstrate the ability to achieve consistent , above average sales volumes. Only then can you depart from the fundamental success formulas that have driven our industry for over 30 years.

If you are new to the business, or haven't earned a full-time income yet, stick to the basics, you'll advance over time! If you call yourself a leader, then you must take up the gauntlet that goes with that honor. Concentrated dedication will ensure that you don't become one of the thousands who claim tremendous Multi-level experience and share great stories... only, in reality, or be financially burdened.

Yes, you must always teach the basics, show the basics, and then practice the basics... but remember that the whole industry also needs professional leaders to carry network marketing into the 21st century with integrity! Average training equals average results. Professional leadership equals professional results. Remember, you do not have to know all of Zig Zigglar's 300 closing lines. Learn to "stumble forward" throughout the decade in your quest for personal development. You see, the greatest leader is the one-eyed man in the "land of the blind."

David Klaybor can help you train your distributors by teaching a seminar in your area. David can provide training materials for your company, distributors, administrators and/or train your company trainer to get the message across in your company. Please visit our other links for more information.

Thank you and God bless.


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