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The Power of Listening...


Listening is How to Make More Money
in Your Direct Sales Business??
David Klaybor
(Training Digest Magazine)

Before I give you the answer, lets define LISTENING as it applies to your network marketing business... Listening is not just HEARING, it is:


A method of tuning in to the communication process initiated during your business activities.


The art of applying oneself to hearing something from another person in hopes of sponsoring them or retailing your product.


To place your undivided attention to something important to your business survival.


To take notice or heed some communication with another so as not to waste your time or theirs.


A listening post: a strategic position for gathering information.

I love this last point... it is extremely important for you to visualize yourself as the person in charge of manning the "listening post" opposite the person you are talking to. Your mission is to gather information 1st, then share data 2nd... not the other way around. How do you know what your prospects hot buttons are? How do you know what will motivate them to take action, (buying your product or sponsoring with you).

Are you the type of person that just "brain dumps" everything you know about your company hoping you hit one of their hot buttons in the process? This method is the most widely used in sharing MLM business opportunities and the least effective. This is the, "throw it up against the wall and see if anything sticks" approach. Sure it's a numbers game... but intelligently planned presentations are the key to your ultimate success. Being lucky is great, but developing the art of listening is critical to your overall success in this industry.

Career Professional Network Marketers are accomplished listeners. Every personal development teacher I know suggests that one of the key ingredients to achieving success is by developing the ability to listen to others.

I know you probably agree with me, but wouldn't you also agree that it is hard for most people to be a good listener? On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your listening skills, I mean really. You and I, we all need to keep reminding ourselves that we have two ears and only one month. God knows best, he designed us for success, our ego's, our selfishness, our wanting the center-stage, our wanting to continually be heard just keeps us from taking an interest in what others are saying to us... we keep overriding our eardrums commands to our brains. Can we solve this problem? Sure.

Let me share with you how I discovered how I could become a better listener?... maybe you'll find it worthwhile in working your business. Write me with your success stories. Here's the secret... LEARN TO ASK GOOD QUESTIONS! It's really that simple. The better your questions, the more successful you will become at listening to the thoughts and concerns of others.

In the sales or "sharing" environment, most distributors find themselves talking endlessly about their business opportunity. This is a HUGE mistake. People (your customers or potential clients) do not want to hear you go on and on about how great you are, how great your company or product is, or how miserable their life is without your help.

Take this fun test: Join a group of your friends that are sharing a conversation and count the number of declarative sentences they use in a row before they ask a question. A good rule of thumb that I learned from one of my mentors David Cooper, was 3-6 declarative sentences followed by a question. Every time you ask someone a meaningful question about what you're talking about, their mind has to subconsciously review what you have said before they respond. This technique insures that your party is listening to you and that they understand the point you are attempting to communicate to them.

Listen Very Carefully But,  Be Careful Who You Listen To.
Beware the "Dream Stealers."

Good Luck and Let Me Know!



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