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Pt.1 Business is Like a Marriage


  The Tortoise and The Hare, Which Would Make A Better Entrepreneur?

In the "Tortoise and the Hare" Fable...  How Could the Rabbit Lose??

Should a Multi-level marketing program
be a "business opportunity" at all?


You thought all MLM companies were or should be about making money didn't you? You're supposed to be marketing a product or service to help you and your families earn extra income right?

There have been 100's of articles written on the topic of choosing the right business opportunity that is just right for you. Have you read one before?

Most of these articles lay out a "business person's" approach to finding a full-time or part-time income venture. Let's you and I challenge these conventional approaches with a fresh new way of looking at getting what we want out of life. Promise me you'll stay open minded... and we'll read on to discover a fascinating new paradigm about why we should get involved with multi-level / Network activities. To start, lets mutually agree on all the premises, and then you and I can mutually agree on the conclusions... fair enough? I know you will be surprised, intrigued and then pleased that you now possess the knowledge required to find true happiness and fulfillment from this industry.

Premise #1:

Most distributors never achieve the income they thought they would when they "signed" into the industry. After months or years working at a business opportunity, they are just as stressed, pressured, overwhelmed, dissatisfied and as confused about how to increase the quality of their lives as they were before they joined the industry. I'm not saying that there aren't tens of thousands of people doing a great job and enjoying the fruits of their multi-level labor... sadly, there are millions not earning what they feel they're worth at MLM or their jobs. We only see the happy faces strewn all over all the company videos we share with others. We see successful people (just like us) on TV-infomercials telling the world about their accomplishments. We see what appear to be "average people" gracing the stages of thousands of hotels all around the world explaining their incredible testimonial stories. Sure there are tens of thousands who are successful, what about the millions who are not. Lets offer a real solution to this problem right now.

So the facts of life are clear for any industry... only a small fraction of the overall industry or only a relatively small group of people in your network marketing company are ever going to make the vulgar amounts of "movie star" money everyone brags about. This isn't a shock to you, is it? Of course not. It's life. Thank goodness a far greater number of people earn some passive income.

Premise #2:

The good part is, everybody who participates in the direct sales and network marketing industry have the SAME CHANCE to earn the really big money. If you are willing to work hard and learn the secrets a career professional network marketer knows, you'll earn what multi-level professionals earn... the big money! Although many of these secrets are a bit hard to find... it is not impossible for an average person to uncover them. They are buried in many of the well-written books and tapes sold in MLM catalogs... others are discovered by attending your company training programs given by your company leaders... others are disclosed via and generic seminar workshop training courses like John Kalench, Randy Gage and David Klaybor/Powerline Systems puts on... others are gleaned from industry associations, MLM attorney and MLM publishers education classes. Like gold nuggets. the information is out there, It's just that these nuggets of wisdom are encrusted in tons of peripheral information that must be sorted out like wheat from the chaff.


Do not look at joining a network marketing company just for he money... look at finding a company that sells products you love to use yourself. A company that fulfills the self-image or further defines who you are. It must emulate your lifestyle and not force you to talk about things you feel uncomfortable with.. You know you've found the right company when you answer "yes" to the following question: "Would I be involved or participate (work) this program if money was not the issue?"

David says, you MUST BE PASSIONATE about the MLM firm you are representing... vs. trying to do or learn a skill/habit that is uncharacteristic of your personality. Most people that join most MLM companies, joined for all the wrong reasons, and thus, they fail to live up to the expectations of the leadership of the social network they have now become a part of. They also disappoint themselves. Are you selling MONEY as the #1 product of your company? Most people do. Many distributors get caught-up in constantly leading with how great their compensation plan is... (it's always the best one in the world!) MLM pro's don't have to bombard and over-sell people on the benefits of "passive income", how fast their prospect can earn a 5-figure/mo. income, drive a luxury car, or go on a lavish vacation. If the prospect "buys into this get rich pitch"... they will give up their evenings, weekends, family / church / hobby activities... to achieve wealth. If they do not receive enough income for the work they put in, they simply and naturally stop working. How many people earn enough income to satisfy their input of work... 6 of 10? 4 of 10? 1 of 10? Not many that's for sure... Therefore, if they joined to get the income you promised they would get and they don't receive what they were promised... within two days, some two weeks, others two months it will take before they quit working. These down line distributors are identified by the $0 (Zero's) along side their name on your monthly computer printout commission report. Normal activity-ratio's range from 10% to 30%. That means 90% to 70% of the total distributors registered in the company, many are not working the business. Why not, because they were promised money and didn't get it. It's really that simple.

People don't want money, they want the things they think money can buy... i.e. going places (traveling), learning or discovering things, buying things that make life more convenient, solving their financial/social problems, acquiring nice things (status), etc.... Everybody's ego is boosted when we are allowed to sit in 1st class, buy a bottle of good wine when dinning, the feeling we get when we put lots of money in the "offering" at our place of worship, the feeling we get being able to afford grown-up "toys" without considering the cost. It gives us such a feeling of accomplishment... the strong emotional satisfaction that "we've arrived".

I would like to suggest to you that although most of the things stated above are exciting, owning or achieving those things is not what you really believe to be your "Camelot". What if you found out today that you had a fatal disease? Wouldn't you give up every dime you have to save yourself. Money IS NOT as important as HEALTH, is it? So why are you trying so hard to get money?

Another example might be for you to think of your best friend in the world right now, close your eyes and visualize their face? Makes you feel pretty good, doesn't it? What if I offered you $5000 for that friend, would you give them up? Would you take the money, or the friendships you have? I think not. Which do you value more.... money, toys, luxury cars, big houses... or love, friendships, children, your health, longevity, toned body, respect from others....etc...

Most of you just answered, I want both, didn't you. You want to have it all. Human beings just seem to want more and more and more... and get less and less and stressed out of it all.

Your MLM business could be your salvation IF you approach it the right way. We need to review the lesson learned from the "Tortoise vs. the Hare" fable. The turtles focus on the products while the rabbits focus on the business opportunity. If your products are good and they "perform" the way they are suppose to... then lead with the product. Get your client using and benefiting from the things your company offers. Participation in your firms services will guarantee that they will sponsor others into the program "naturally". It's just human to share benefits you encounter with others. We share everything worthwhile in our lives with others, don't we? Isn't this the right way to build your business?

In the "Tortoise and the Hare" Fable...
How Could the Rabbit Lose?

(not all hares possess all these attributes, but have some fun with me and tell me if I'm right regarding the traits of many of these kinds of distributors )* Dave

bulletRarely have money to spend, they're always broke. It's like pulling teeth to get them to spend money on your companies products or services...They rarely use the products the way they are suppose to ...
bulletThey're always trying to "convince" other to people to join the company...
bulletThey rarely use 3rd person technologies... They have to sell things or sponsor someone alone by themselves..
bulletThey are not good listeners... They talk, and talk... and talk...
bulletThey are always complaining about something: Their upline, And the comp plan, How dumb their prospects are..

More hares than tortoises:

bulletSmoke, use profanity, are over-weight (or the best looking people in the company). Are always late, are disorganized, are poor at following-up, fib, make excuses. Over-sell, dress poorly (or the best), have a dirty car (or a leased luxury car). Their desk is a mess, their attention span is short, they don't have too many close friends. And many are a blast to be with at social gatherings.
bulletTheir lives seem to be sign-posts telling others to avoid where they've been vs. an example of were to go...
bulletThey are more prone to have the MLM junky disease... They've been in every deal. Many times they are in several deals at the same time. They justify this by using the "mutual fund rationalization excuse"...
bulletThey are one of the 1st to leave a company. Many times they leave on bad terms and raid the company after they've settled into another deal...
bulletThey're always trying to hit the home-run. They don't have a single base-hit to their credit...
bulletThey seem to be in the same place socially year after year... A few of them make the big-time. but most do not. If they ever made a 5-figure income in the past, they never let you forget it!
bulletThey are not loyal to anyone, could not go back to many of their peers they sponsored in the past because they never were to great of a sponsor.
bulletThey clog up the distributor services department of the company, they ask weenie questions.
bulletThey know the comp plan inside and out, can draw circles and O's like the best of them...
bulletThey are good story-tellers, exaggerate most everything, they love hype, love to be sold themselves, they are expressive and emotional...
bulletMost have not read the company training materials, many have not gone through their distributor kit, and they give up easily...
bulletThey know lots of other hares...
bulletPromises can be edited or changed at will.
bulletThey delegate well, love authority, love titles, love being in front of the room.

Hares are attracted to money deals... why would you want hares attracted to your deal?


bulletThey are loyal and make long-term commitments..
bulletThey are networked with other tortoises...
bulletThey are willing to spend money to achieve their goals.
bulletThey are willing to "pay the price" to reach their goals.
bulletThey do not like hype, business deals, they are skeptical, inquisitive, logical.
bulletMany are introverts, but not loners... They are joiners and love associating with others like them...
bulletThey smoke less, dress nice but casual, drive practical or utility vehicles, are more athletic, more computer-wise
bulletExpect a promise to be a promise and do not like giving speeches.
bulletThey'll read, listen and try to learn from the company training materials and sales kits. They ask good questions...
bulletThey are repelled by hype...

Why wouldn't you want to design your company so that it attracted more "Tortoises"?


Mr. Klaybor will analyze your operation and give you real solutions to your problems. David has shared the platform with most of the greatest leaders in the industry. Mr. Klaybor was honored to be included by his peers at many powerful industry events. Write to David at 1223 Marquette Ave. South Milwaukee WI 53172.

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