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Pt.2 Business is Like a Marriage


What Does Marriage and Dating
have to do with Finding and Building an MLM Business?
You Will Be Amazed How Similar These Activities are Related to One Another.

Trying to find and select the right multi-level marketing company (opportunity) is a lot like trying to decide if the person you're dating would make a good husband or wife. Lets look at the similarities between looking for a spouse and looking for an MLM company.

Like the real world, most people do not get any schooling or education in finding the perfect life mate. We all just kind-of stumbled through the process, didn't you? Some of us were luckier than others, some of us are still looking... (for the 2nd or 3rd time!). Where does a person go to learn how to pick the right mate or MLM company for them? Life is crazy that way, at the very time an individual is the least knowledgeable about relationships or the MLM business, this rookie is required to make a decision that is suppose to lock them up to a person for the rest or their lives, or in the case of selecting an MLM company, they're supposed to figure out which company is going to enable them to become a millionaire... when they haven't been able to pay their bills that month! It's kind of like asking a kindergartner what they are going to major in college.

I found an old book written on the topic of marriage, these are some of the tips this author was giving her readers...

Never marry for money... only marry for love! In other words, never get involved with a network marketing opportunity just for the monitory reward or income gain possible. Instead, it is imperative that you love or you're absolutely passionate about the companies products/services and the firms overall mission statement. Always put the relationship you will have with the people you're going to work with, and the interest you have in the companies products ahead of the business opportunity portion of your involvement. Take this test... ask yourself, if I didn't earn any significant money as a direct result of my participation with the MLM company I'm currently working, (or going to work), would I still avidly use and promote their products/services? If the answer is yes, you'll not only have an enjoyable experience with the firm and you really WILL make some money at the opportunity. If you get involved in an MLM company mainly because they have a great marketing plan, you've gotten involved in the industry for the wrong reasons. Anyone who believes otherwise, no matter how you sugar-coat it, is greed-oriented, and destined to ultimately fail working the business opportunity over time.

Never marry the first person you meet... Be sure to date many people before you make a decision to get married. The old saying, dating is like driving through a snow storm, you've got to go through a lot of flakes before you get to your destination... both from a company and sponsor stand point, finding the right MLM opportunity (for you) is very similar. I truly believe that looking around at several network marketing opportunities, (MLM dating), is healthy in the formative stages of a new persons exposure to the industry. Go to their meetings, read all their literature or training materials, try their products or services, etc... What I am suggesting is, your 1st exposure to network marketing might be perfect for you... but do not feel compelled or pushed into getting hitched to the first wagon that comes along, there will always be others. There are three companies a days being launched these days. Never get lured by the "fear of loss" emotion, or do not be pressured when someone says you've got to act now, this may just be a sales tactic. If the deal is right for you, you'll know it's the one by the tiny whisper deep down inside your subconscious. A good MLM deal, will be just as good weeks/months/years later as it is today.

Always dress and use good vocabulary in order to make a good impression. Notice the way the person who wants to be your sponsor wears their clothes and uses his/her spoken language. I am not suggesting that any certain method of dressing is better than another... what I am suggesting is that the way a person carries themselves and prides themselves in the way they dress and talk tells a lot about a person. Negative conversations, put-downs, odd or unusual habit patterns, any unprofessional conduct, or any indication that persons you work and associate with, including administrators, must be carefully monitored to make sure this company truly meets "your" standards! Does everyone look, behave, talk, act, and dress like the way you feel you would? If so, great!, if not... keep dating.

Take as much time as it takes to "really" get to know your potential life-partner BEFORE you decide to make the life-long commitment of marriage.

Learn about the hobbies, (or MLM business) your potential life-partner or company is interested in so you can have an intelligent discussion, before you sign on the dotted line. You need to arm yourself with some preliminary knowledge so you do not get "taken-in" by the excitement of the income opportunity and make a hasty or uninformed decision. It's kind of like meeting your potential spouses family BEFORE you get engaged... or it's like dropping by unexpectedly one day to visit your potential sponsors home to see what they "really" work and/or live like! Fly out to visit the company's home office if you can afford it, you would be foolish to commit your financial and time resources otherwise. Finding an MLM opportunity is absolutely as serious a decision as making a commitment to spend your life with someone. If you think otherwise, I'm sad that you have never found an MLM opportunity to fall in love with... don't give up, they're out there. MLM opportunities with good companies absolutely work for everybody 90% of the time, if each person takes the time to become a career professional in their respective industry. Most marriages would work, if each person worked on the marriage, wouldn't you agree?

Other Ideas to Better Know the "Company" You Keep:

bulletBaby-sit for your friends and family often... Study and learn to be a good parent. This is a great idea for a person new to the MLM industry.
bulletWalk a mile in my shoes. Try it on before you by it.
bulletGo through the good and the bad in order to understand what you're getting into.
bulletLearn to say NO, go at your own pace.
bulletMarry for better or for worse, until death do you part!
bulletOnce you decide to marry an MLM opportunity, be sure to stick with it through thick and through thin.
bulletIf you're in the wrong company, get out ASAP and get into one you feel passionate about.

On a Business Note

What "to-do" BEFORE you sign the application:

bulletTest the products on your friends and family... do they work?
bulletAre they competitively priced?
bullet99% of MLM marketing plans pay the distributor fairly, some a bit more than others, but you aren't joining the company just to make money are you? If you are, you're participating for the wrong reasons. Always place value on: product first, money second.
bulletCheck out the buy-back policy of the company... what is it exactly?
bulletWhat professional company is doing the companies data processing/accounting (this is important so you get paid on time and accurately.) What other companies have they done before?
bulletWho are the owners and administrators of the company... really. A company brochure can say anything about anyone. Make sure everyone is and has done what they claim.
bulletNever be afraid to ask the tough questions about the company or your future sponsor... ask questions like you were a "60 Minutes Reporter."
bulletDocumentation ALWAYS supersedes conversation. Get the facts. Magazines are not necessarily authorities on the exact facts.
bulletRun a credit check on the company and your sponsor.
bulletTake a company tour before.

Tips to Remember AFTER You're Married (In The Door)....

bulletWhenever you encounter problems or challenges, do not be afraid to immediately seek counseling and guidance. Get out of bad relationships immediately.
bulletLearn to apologize quickly and often.
bulletGive more than anyone ever expected and never give to receive.
bulletSeek the advice of grandparents, be a good listener... learn to take the advice.
bulletSurprise your significant other with gifts often.
bulletBe home early... balance your time.
bulletHave many children.
bulletWorship together... organize social activities that are fun.
bulletSet/have common goals.
bulletBe a good neighbor.
bulletDon't take rejection personally.

What does Marriage have to do with finding and building an MLM business?



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