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Personality Types


"Personality Types, 4 Secrets to Building Solid Relationships"

A revolutionary new book by relationship counselor David Klaybor.

What is a "Personality Type"?

Depending on what scholar or expert you subscribe too, there are 4 to 16 independent personality categories that have been identified over the last 2,000+ years. These distinct patterns are easily identifiable and measurable in human beings. For the purposes of this publication, we have simplified all the possibilities into an easy-to-understand format of 4 types. We'll use four different colors, (gold, green, red and blue), to identify these individual characteristics. The colors were specially selected to help you remember, relate and identify your subject matters.

  1. Personality types are a predictable ever-present set of individual characteristic's all of us possess… these traits are installed in our soul at birth. We have no control over the original set of characteristics God blended it into our being.

  2. Personality types are a pattern of behavioral traits that are burnt into our constitution… Our dominant characteristics relatively remain constant. But there are always exceptions, and some people can alter their personality type hourly, weekly or slowly over a lifetime. (more on exceptions during our consultations and during our seminars)

  3. Personality typing is the art of identifying an individuals anticipated mannerisms… a persons specific make-up… or special features prone to automatically occur (with predictable frequency) by each human being.

  4. Personality typing is a persons temperament, a persons attributes, one's nature, their special qualifications, a person's "style", or an individuals "kind". Whatever you call it, it controls the way you behave, live, act and governs almost everything you do and say.

Now you can see how easy it would be for a person, (who has insider knowledge about your special traits), how they could impress you with how much they know about you… having only met you for a short time. The facts are, you are "predictable"! Did you ever wonder how a psychic or similar person could know so much about you on the phone or in their store?

After you learn the secrets in this publication, others you interact with may think you had special intuitive powers. Take my word for it, once you've answered a few vital questions, I'll know what I need in order to tell you more about: (who you are, how you live, as well as what you like and dislike)... than you could ever have imagined I would/could know. This acquired skill usually impresses people… they wonder how I could possibly know such personal data about you as I seem to know? And the truth is, I do know a lot about you just by looking at what you drive, how you dress, whether you wear glasses or not and what color's you choose or select, etc… etc..

You can preview the book online by following the links below, enjoy, and please feel free to leave comments on our feedback form.


This book is just as much fun to read, ( but significantly more useful ), than reviewing your horoscope in the newspaper. I would recommend David's fascinating educational materials as extremely useful tools in helping people discover love and improve their relationships with everyone around them.

- Rene Piane: better-known as the "Love Mechanic" is a celebrity columnist, author, and radio talk show host heard coast to coast.

This personal development book is a must-read prerequisite before you read any other self-help book or tape series. Entrepreneur's, sales people, business persons and career professionals will find this material invaluable at reaching business plan goals.

- Keith and Linda Laggos, Publisher's of Money Makers Monthly (an entrepreneurial newspaper distributed worldwide… and Wealth Building Magazines found on newsstands)

Mr. Klaybor's success formula's are simple enough for a child to understand, yet powerful enough to change lives over night. You will discover that this material is dramatically more accurate and much more beneficial than calling an expensive astrologer or psychic.

- RoseMary Packard: owner of a successful singles network based in Newport Beach California.

You will be surprised that the information offered is extremely useful in your business endeavors. I understood the basics of personality typing due to my exposure through the Meyer's/Briggs training courses… but David's materials enabled me to internalize, digest and then implement the strategies to make millions.

-Lou Prescott, former President of Rexall and TravelMax

Many people will also find your material a tremendous adjunct to any professional medical treatment you might be receiving from a psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor.

- Rickette- hypno-therapist, author, TV personality and noted speaker.

David Klaybor will deliver on his promise to help you master the 2,000 year old art of "Interpreting Personality Types!"

- Ellen Kreidman, TV personality, best-selling author of "Light his fire, Light her fire"


Follow the links to preview the book
"Personality Types, 4 Secrets to Building Solid Relationships"


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