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Note: please take a minute and study this chart,
it will be the basis of our discussions throughout
Mr. Klaybor's lesson.

The top half, (gold/green types), are generally closed-minded and cold-natured. They are work-a-holics who are more prone to involvement in business activities. They want you to be punctual and direct. They are computer literate, fiscally responsible and they won't accept your information as correct until they research it and make it their idea.

The left half, (gold/red types), will demonstrate the attributes of control and power. They welcome attention, love the finer things in life, and are fearless. They have ego's.

The right half, (green/blue) will demonstrate the attributes of truth, justice and they are passive by nature. They do not need to be sexy, powerful, or the life of the party.

The bottom half (red/blue types) will demonstrate the attributes of a warm personality and open-minded characteristics. They are social creature that like to play more than work. They are not afraid to show emotional, they own pets and have lots of friends.


Now that you've read the color descriptions and viewed the chart, understand that every human being is made up of a various combination of all these traits but, most often, only one or two of the personality styles listed above will dominate your life more than all the others. Quite by chance, when you were born, you were blessed with certain qualities and behavioral habits and patterns that will control the center core of who you are. These traits determine how you react to virtually everything in your life. These characteristics rarely ever change during your lifetime. And if they do, the changes are usually very slow. Only dramatic intervention, a huge catastrophe, or some significant life-changing event can alter a persons dominant trait within a short period of time. Other people may stubbornly (and ultimately "unsuccessfully") try to change you while others will learn to deal with who you really are or avoid you. God decided that "you" are the only person who will determine if you should change but this would take a lot of effort on your part. It's kind of like an otter trying to become a tiger, or a beaver trying to become a dog a beaver could learn to bark, fetch and guard the house but this takes effort on the part of the beaver.

People generally stay the way they were born for decades. An exception to this rule is: The environment around you can slowly influence and change you into something you never were going to become without this stimulus and constant input. In other words, some fish developed into reptiles some reptiles developed into birds and water and wind can mold rock into the grand canyon, but it just takes time and a lot of force.

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