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Don't shoot me, I'm just the piano player
or, (Forgive me, I shot the piano player !)

How many relationships have we all burnt with others that never should have been destroyed if we had only behaved with more understanding if we had only just thought the matter through and discussed the situation openly with the person we had a conflict with. I know I'm not alone when I say that I have made many mistakes with friends, lovers, co-workers, family members and peers in my past relationships. I behaved in a manner that, if I could go back and change the outcome, I would. But at that specific moment in time, it seemed like the instinctual way to react or behave. I did not consider the consequences of my knee-jerk reactions, I just "reacted". My actions were directly related to the "type" of person I was not the "type" of person I would like to been at the time!

Why do we do stupid things, say dumb things, and react foolishly in front of others? It's because we are humans born with all the talents and liabilities God installed within us at birth. And as a gold/red male human-being, I can only ask for forgiveness from the people I've hurt or offended in the past, and work hard to improve my weaknesses and install permanent change for the future. I specifically researched and then wrote this publication due to the breakdown of a valued relationship I had with a friend. I spent the next 18 months attempting to find out who I was, who other people were, and how to communicate and interact better with them. I knew this was the only way to improve the quality of my life and that of others around me. Little did I know at that time, that where hundreds of millions of persons just like me throughout the world, that also needed the results of my homework.

Have you ever got emotional or loud when presenting your side of an argument just to have the other person ask you not to raise your voice? The person yelling might think their actions are perfectly normal while the other person seems to be witnessing an event that actually frightens them. Who's representation of the event would you believe? It all depends on your personality type. The more passive greens and the blues would take one side, while the more powerful reds and gold's might see things another way. The gold's and greens might want to "get to the point" when analyzing the argument from a strictly business perspective, while the reds and blues might want to deal with the emotional non-business side of the situation. Some argue that raising your voice is a good way to let off steam. Others view this behavior as uncontrolled screaming and would tell others that the other person was "out of control". As we will discover, there are no right answers. If you wish to live together in harmony, there is only one solution, that is one of understanding, forgiveness and compromise. Each person must understand why the other person did, said, or behaved the way they did. It will surprise many of you when you discover "who you really are" and who your friends, neighbors and co-workers "really are" as explained herein. The person who you think you are right now, might not be the person you find!

How do you deal with confrontation? Some people walk away from conflict part of the public calls this weak, while others call it intelligent. Which one are you? We'll learn more in a few more pages.

As human beings we are all going to make mistakes because that's what we do best. We rarely attempt to understand other people we interact with all week. We expect them to understand us and bend to our needs. We expect people to feel what we feel, when and how we feel it and understand the world through our eyes. But since there are only four initial personality characteristics to deal with, we can do a much better job relating to others, without a lot of effort.

We are all made up of different personality traits that govern our lives. These characteristics make us who we are. They drive us down certain pathways of doing things the same way most all the time. Thus, thank god, we are all predictable. It is this predictability that we need to tap into, and learn how to use the technologies in this book so we can change our lives.


We interact, communicate and get along great with some people who think we "walk on water" while we communicate horribly with others we think are "raining on our parade". Thus some people think we are creeps because they saw us do something stupid and now they think that that's the way we really are as a total person. This doesn't seem fair does it? We've repeatedly been schooled on thinking before we open our mouths, but many of us just stick our feet down our throats instead. We're all going to communicate poorly from time to time, it comes with the territory. But the important thing is to get the other person you are dealing with using the contents of this book to help each of you understand why the other person is acting the way they are. This is the first step in relating to one another effectively. Otherwise each party thinks the other is simply "wrong", when they were both right from their own view point. Once you know where the other person is coming from, you can initiate real communication and learn to relate to each other on a non-threatening non-confrontational level. Well, if you use it, this book can help.

Personality Characteristics:
from a business perspective

If you've chosen a career in conventional marketing activities or chosen to become a distributor in the network marketing industry, you've been encouraged to attend and participate in company sponsored training classes. Additionally, many people, either on their own, or by company suggestions, have decided to listen to personal development audio tapes, or attended outside sales training classes. Most sales educators have taught you: to dress the way your client's dress give gestures the way they do and/or use words your potential customers, co-workers and clients understand or relate to. This is called mirroring or patterning after your clients mannerisms. Perhaps you're even trying to find out whether your prospect "moves toward" or "moves away from" certain things they find important. This means you have to be skilled in the art of determining exactly what they are moving towards or away from and why, doesn't it? I'm going to teach you secrets that will help you identify your prospects personality type and that will enable you to predict with certainty what they prefer to drive, what clothing their likely to wear, what turns them off and what turns them on. You'll know what movies they like to watch, what magazines they subscribe to and how to approach them without offending the things they value and how to play to the things they prefer. This is going to help business men and women make more money!

Now you know why I have the guts to tell you to learn "personality typing" along with all the other self-help strategies you've been asked to learn to date. This material, when used by a sales person, can help you earn a six-figure annual income! And the best part about this success formula is, it's really fun to practice. It makes the business interaction sequence run a lot smother. You'll get less rejection and close more deals in less time. Point blank it works and it's fun!


If you like what you've read so far... Please order the book. Thanks!

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