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"Herman's Head" TV sitcom example:

Another example, oddly enough, was represented on national television in the US. Did you ever see the hit TV program, "Herman's Head"? I was on the air around 1994ish. Herman, the star, was a single guy who had many challenging decisions to make in his life. Inside Herman's head lived 3 imaginary people representing conflicting views on what action he should take, or 3 possible decisions he could make. These represented his red, green and blue personality characteristics.

1- The jolly rotund character in Herman's head represented Herman's red side this is the personality characteristic in charge of Herman's fun activities. The red point of view includes excitement, risk, practical jokes, sports, teasing, and every possible method of having a "good time". This certainly included his sex drive.

2- The girl in Herman's head represented his blue nature this was his caring, sharing, loving, nice-guy side. She always tried to appeal to his emotion in order to get Herman to take the honorable descent course of action.

3- The thin kinda nerdy looking guy represented Herman's green side this represented Herman's logical, practical, and analytical traits. This was his continence, the side of Herman that knew what the truth really was.

4- And finally Herman himself represented his own gold side thus Herman was in control of the color that most often ultimately controls all other colors. The gold trait represents the boss, leader or dominant trait that makes all our final personal decisions. It's our ego, our need to have people notice us, our drive to win no matter the cost. It's what makes us look in every mirror we pass, it's our confidence, our poise, the power driving us to believe "we can do anything" part of our existence.

The TV program really did a good job presenting the dominant points made in this book. All three of the personality traits in Herman's head (plus Herman's 4th perspective) would constantly debate one another over the issues in Herman's life. Should he date a girl on the show (or not) may have been the dilemma that night? The green would present the logical options to going out with her, the blue would present the sensitive options regarding dating a girl, while the red would struggle to show Herman why he would have a really great time if he followed the red's option to lust for her! Herman would then decide on one of the options offered to him by one of the people/colors/traits in his head and then the TV program would depict the trials and tribulations of the decisions he made. We all laughed as Herman struggled with the choices he made. We were reminded by watching Herman's troubles, just how much his life mirrored our frantic and confusing lives.

You should note, that if Herman had decided to take the green course of action most of the time, it would be easy for you to predict what his TV character was going to do every show you would identify him as a dominant green-type personality and it would be right if you predicted that he would take the logical practical path almost every time. The same theme holds true if he had always made gold decisions all the time. You could accurately predict the "gold" outcome of the show before it happened. But the writers of the show always kept us guessing on what action he would take that was the whole point of the show.

Mastering the art of "Personality-Typing" can make you valuable and popular with your friends and co-workers.

- Bill Brown, relationship counselor

"Personality Typing"
is more important than you could imagine!

Years ago, when I was first exposed to the four personality types. I must admit I was amused, but not overly enthusiastic about learning how to incorporate this additional "self-help technique" into my already complicated life. Although the speaker's seminar presentation was enjoyable, and I did think there was some good personal development material offered, it seemed like a lot of work and maybe a waste of my time to try to weave a new personal development strategy into my life. I knew deep down that my career would benefit from learning how to use personality traits to communicate more effectively with others, but I was just too lazy to try.

Most of my clients are entrepreneurs, career businessmen and women, network marketing professionals, students, teachers, mothers and business opportunity seekers. Lets look at how this book can help them get along better with their family members, classmates, achieve their business goals, reduce stress or pressure at work and accelerate their move to the top of their career.

The strategies in this book will assist students in learning how to get better grades from their teachers and get along better with classmates. Teachers will learn how to empower individual students to achieve more and understand the class material. Roommates will learn techniques that let them live together in harmony with each other. Husbands and wives, boy friends and girls friends, grand parents and other family members will all learn skills that will enable them to dramatically reduce the stress and pressures associated with close relationships and to have a lot more fun together.

We've all been taught to be "considerate" of each others feelings and opinions. We've all been told to envision ourselves walking in the other person moccasin's before we make a judgment of that person. But it's hard to value another persons ideas when they seem so "out of place" with what we believe is true. Isn't it amazing that we can get angry at another person in an instant while driving down the highway. Many of us can talk nice to a person we love one moment and lash out and demonstrate hatred toward another person moments later. We all think everyone should look at things from our perspective. Whether we admit it or not, deep down we all have our own personal selfish agenda's we'd like to push onto others. For many of us it can be hard listening to the opinion of others without jumping up and down and asking people to "stop doing things their way and start doing things our way".


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