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Discovering God's signature on your soul is fascinating to everyone who is lucky enough to encounter this personal growth technology. You are now one of the lucky persons who are exposed to this powerful knowledge. Use it to your best moral advantage in life with everything you do.

- Marl Victor Hansen, author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series


There are few things in life more critical than learning how to communicate effectively with others. Unless you are a hermit or introvert, interacting on a two-way plain with the rest of the world is vital to each person's happiness. It is vital to our sense of accomplishment vital to our sense of purpose vital to our mental stability and it is vital to our over-all well-being. We feel good when we understand ourselves and when others like or at least accept who we are. The way you and I relate to others will determine who we are perceived to be, how we are viewed as a person, and what our "image" becomes. Our dominant personality type is who we "are" and, most likely, who we will always "be". But people can change their dominant personality type during their lifetime many of us change from a red to a green to a blue during the course of an hour. But no matter what characteristic we assume for the interim, each one of us will ultimately slip back into the patterns of our dominant trait. Most of us will spend 90% of our waking hours behaving in one particular manner, while a minority of others will wander from trait to trait changing opinions and moods many times during each day. But a person is only one color at any given time period. So no matter how much you change, you will still emit signs that make you predictable. Lack of understanding of other's personality types as well as a lack of understanding about why we behave the way we do, can significantly influence what we may (or may not) achieve in life.

You might be a person who demonstrates different characteristics throughout the various category's of relationships in your life, for example:

  1. You might be a tough leader, determined winner, and cunning business person who needs to be the center of attention in the work environment.

  2. And then, become a warm, gentle, kind, giving person with your family at home.

  3. Socially, your buddies might know you as the sports-nut, who screams at the umpire, enjoys a few beers while playing cards with the boys or isn't afraid to get on a motorcycle, jet ski or jump out of an airplane. What's the moral of this scenario?

Remember, you may be a gold at the country club, and green at work, and blue at home and a red with your college pals but whatever you are, or whatever your friends may be, it is critical for you to diagnose who they are, at the times they are, and you will be able to "talk their language" and predict their behavior before it happens! This is the magic of our lesson herein.

People are also prone to drift through the color spectrum during a lifetime.


This is just an example of "general tendency's" that many people go through throughout their lives.

Note: if you understand that there are really 3 sides to a coin, not two and if you understand the success principal behind the United State's 3 branches of government you'll better understand how all the different colors mix into creating your unique "personality".

The Angel on your right shoulder the Devil on your left.

To start understanding what this personality-typing stuff is all about, lets look at a simplistic variation on the color-typing theme. All cultures around the globe are familiar with the simple children's cartoon version of this principal: whereby a person has to try to make a decision using the angel/devil formula.

This method usually offered two distinct choices, with the "decider" playing the role of the 3rd participant. The politically correct decision was represented by the angel dressed in white on the right shoulder and the socially incorrect decision was represented by the red devil on the left shoulder. The angel was always trying to present the "passive" green and blue positions of: practicality logic, assistance, truth and justice while the red devil would try to present the gold and red positions representing: risk-taking, mischievous fun, power, control or taking the lazy way out.

This success formula was created to be used as an educational or entertainment vehicle. The main character in the cartoon had to choose a behavior pattern that was either acting like a little angel or behaving like a little demon. The decision was meant to install social or political behavioral patterns in younger persons growing up in a world that offers may choices between right and wrong, good and evil, sensible or undisciplined. We were taught that the consequences of our decisions resulted in us taking actions that would effect our lives in sometimes monumental or irreversible ways. Although the Angel/Devil example was intended to install a biased opinion on someone in a social environment, in real life we make decisions (minute by minute ) all the time privately behind closed doors outside of public scrutiny. And some of us have a propensity to choose in certain predictable patterns. If, for example, you met a red/devil type personality type, you would be able to predict their behavior "before" it happened. This is what this publication is all about. I will teach you to identify who you really are, why you do the things you do and why others will consistently talk, behave and act in predictable manners. This will enable you to "relate" to people, understand situations, and succeed in all dynamics of your life because of this new insight.

Lets look at another example: most of us certainly know: the "Spock" character from the "Star Trek" TV series. Wouldn't most of us agree that we pretty much knew what he was going to do before he did it? Sure we did. There were few surprises regarding his "green" character. Well, you and I are just as predictable. You wouldn't invite Spock to go skinny-dipping with you, just like you wouldn't ask Captain Kirk to volunteer his time to help the homeless serving soup at an inner-city mission. It's just not in their personality type to do certain things. We move unconsciously toward things and away from others. And harnessing this knowledge can mean real power to you in your life. You will have the ability to control your destiny, not always be manipulated by circumstances and the desires of others who want to make you do their bidding.


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