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Introduction: A historical perspective…

There are academic books in the library's of many cultures that explain the origins of "personality characteristics". Volumes of documentation validate the power of learning how to use "personality traits" to communicate better with others. As far back as 400 b.c., Hypocrites laid down the foundation of this science. Then around 1923 Carl Jung's book "Psychological Type" was translated into English. Later, Katherine C. Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers, who had been studying differences in people for years, then developed the popular Briggs-Myers Type Indicator (MBTI) techniques… which are still used around the world to test personality types today. They suggest that the mixture of different individual traits is really quite orderly… and I agree. Then David Keirsey, in his publication, " please understand me", further refined the MBTI test into four personality types.

Most recently David Klaybor, in this book "Personality Types, 4 Secrets To Solid Relationships", put all the powerful personality trait information into an easy-to-understand format everyone can use within days of receiving the publication to communicate more effectively with others. Most personality trait experts agree, that human beings think about things in four distinct ways… everybody has four separate ways of :

bullet- learning
bullet- understanding
bullet- conceptualizing
bullet- analyzing

... and that they all have separate motives, needs and drives.

No matter what your chosen field of endeavor… no matter whether you are a single parent or happily married… no matter what race you are or what religion you follow… no matter when you where born… no matter what state of condition your life is in… the information provided in this book will change your life.


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