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Now that you’ve read the color descriptions and viewed the chart, understand that every human being is made up of a various combination of all these traits but, most often, only one or two of the personality styles listed above will dominate your life more than all the others. Quite by chance, when you were born, you were blessed with certain qualities and behavioral habits and patterns that will control the center core of who you are. These traits determine how you react to virtually everything in your life. These characteristics rarely ever change during your lifetime. And if they do, the changes are usually very slow. Only dramatic intervention, a huge catastrophe, or some significant life-changing event can alter a persons dominant trait within a short period of time. Other people may stubbornly (and ultimately unsuccessfully) try to change you while others will learn to deal with who you really are or avoid you. God decided that you are the only person who will determine if you should change but this would take a lot of effort on your part. It’s kind of like an otter trying to become a tiger, or a beaver trying to become a dog. A beaver could learn to bark, fetch and guard the house but this takes effort on the part of the beaver.

People generally stay the way they were born for decades. An exception to this rule is: The environment around you can slowly influence and change you into something you never were going to become without this stimulus and constant input. In other words, some fish developed into reptiles, some reptiles developed into birds, and water and wind can mold rock into the grand canyon, but it just takes time and a lot of force.

Your Dominant Personality Trait May Have a Shadow

In addition to your primary color-type, most people possess a second personality trait that may closely shade the dominant trait each person has during the course of every day. A third mannerism usually creeps in from time to time and the fourth and last idiosyncrasy comes out only under rare special circumstances.

Note: The 4 traits discussed herein are most accurate when applied to people who lean heavily toward one of these personality types. Since every person has a little bit of all 4 traits within them, and knowing that all people drift from one trait to another many times during the coarse of each day, do not be confused if you identify with particular parts of all explanations presented later in this book.

For example: if a person was 70% green and 10% red, 10% blue and 10% gold, the explanation of the green presented herein will make a lot of sense to the reader and anyone comparing the statements made about greens. This person would be easy for even a beginner to identify, verify and predict. But if a person’s traits are more evenly spread say, 27% green, 25% red, 24%, blue and 24% gold this person would tend to think everything identified about a particular trait is very much like them and everything would seem a lot not like them too! This individual would be one of the more confusing examples to try to identify and predict. It’s lucky for us that God made most people with very identifiable dominant traits.

Understand this, most people are only one color at any one time no matter how short this time period may be. At times all people will act out their color characteristic as it is stated herein, and are thus predictable so long as they remain in that mood. Don’t get confused, it’s a lot of fun and you’ll get the hang of it with a little practice.

First, you must understand that each individual person has various degrees of intensity of their particular color trait. So, just because you're a red, this doesn't mean you are a raging fire engine red you might be a light red (pink) type of red personality:

Note the examples of positions A & B on the chart above:

Position A: Some people possess very strong dominant color characteristics

Position B: Other people possess behavioral traits that are more mild versions of the same color.

So as you read the exciting details laid out in each color zone later in the book, be aware of that you will have deeper or lighter "shades" of each personality trait you identify in yourself or in others. Additionally, each person must also watch out to see if they are "riding the fence" or on a "cusp", almost crossing over from one color zone to the next. It may be harder to figure out which dominant color you really are, but rest assured, you will find out who you are and what you are all about by the time you get to the end of this book. (see below)


The green person in you gets you places on time, makes you clean the garage or basement, remembers birthdays, sets goals, made you buy your day-planner, pays your bills, makes you practice birth control, files your taxes and is the "pack-rat" collector in you. The green person is our independent side who can read alone in bed at night for hours. It is the direct person in us who doesn't "beat around the bush", but rather seems to be the cold person who can "tell it the way it is". It' the realist in us that doesn't like small talk, but wants to "get to the point".

The red person in us is the sports-loving, comedy-watching, practical joker who is a risk-taking, spontaneous love-making, sexy dressing, life of the party person people see in us. The red person in us wants to own a brightly colored powerful convertible automobile or 4 wheel drive jeep that tells the world we're ready to have fun anytime, anyplace, anywhere reds gather. The red in us always wants to smile, laugh and entertain or be entertained. This is the person in us who is driven to be around groups of others and not be alone.

The blue person in us makes us give money to persons in financial trouble the person in us who wants to save whales and the rain forest the person in us who honor's the environment, loves interacting with children and loves animals. The blue person in us shows our emotional side, makes us talk to people for hours, is the person in us others call their friend. Our blue side is the person who can turn the other cheek, give us our spirituality and help us be the best person we can be. The blue in us chooses assisting people rather than making money. It is the teacher, nurturer and care-taker in us. The blue wants peace and happiness.

The gold person in us wants to win at everything we engage in life. It's the side of us that needs to be the center of attention, the boss, the leader. The gold inside us is in control of our ego, our self image and the driving force behind being in control of situations in the world around us. The gold is the "general" in us who is cunning, skillful, tactful, persuasive as well as being dominating, forceful and manipulative. The gold in us can defend any position we choose to defend, whether good or evil. It is the best and worst in us, depending on what point of view or side you're on i.e. the gold in us can be our "predatory" side, or our "providing" side, depending on whether you are being fed or being eaten. Our gold side is powerful, fearless and anticipates overall success in all that life offers. It's the person in us who buys elite, name-brand, or luxury items (i.e. cars, homes, jewelry, people, clothes, etc...).

I have discovered that it is critical for you to uncover who you are. It is most enlightening to finally uncover the reasons why you do the things you do in life. But always remember, this message goes both ways. You also need to learn how to uncover the personality traits of the other people around you. It can be empowering when you discover why others have reacted to you the way they have (and always will continue to do), due to the internal programming you and they uniquely possess.


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