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Let's find out what color you, (and your friends), are…?!

As we've said, this instruction manual is laid out using an easy-to-use format that uses four colors to identify the four main personality traits witnessed in every person in our life. It's so simple to understand, anyone can learn how to use these concepts in one or two sessions! So don't worry, you'll do just fine.

Note: Every person has within them some portion of all the characteristics listed below. But most of us have a "dominant" behavioral pattern that governs us most of the time. (i.e. public figures like: Mother Teresa, Jonathan Winters, Saddam Hussein, Ralph Nader, Howard Stern, Bill Gates, Ted Koppel, Howie Mandel, Tony Robbins, and Princess Diana… all had/have very predictable dominant traits we could identify, no matter how "out-of-character" they may have occasionally behaved). So when considering your individual mannerisms, over-look your weaker traits and focus on the absolute attributes about you that always identify the real "you", most of the time.

And please note: there are no right or wrong answers! A gold leader-type person has no control over who God made them, more than a blue giver/lover would have. You just are, who you are… don't try to push yourself into a particular color just because you think "others" will like you more. It is not "politically correct" to be something you are not… so read this book carefully and completely with an objective of learning how to use this book to improve your life. Which personality trait(s) seems to fit you best…? Second best…? and least?

Pure Green's are:

Analytical, Detail-oriented, Logical, Practical, reading type of Person…A hard working honest person who loves to administer to get things done. A person who would prefer not to drive a Rolls Royce, Mercedes or Cadillac and feels more comfortable spending their auto dollar on a more practical form of transportation. Don't be late for an appointment that you make with them, they carry a day-planner and use a computer. They are not afraid to wear glasses in public and do not need to be the center of attention. They are skilled, employed and want you to "get to the point".

Green's are usually not big huggers and prefer to use a quick hand shake.


Pure Gold's are:

The AAA, Work-a-holic, Driver, Controller, Leader or Boss type of personality… A person who must drive a Jaguar, Mercedes or other image-type motor car. A person who feels comfortable at the country club, drinking name-brand beverages, having a relationship with a trophy spouse, and a person who loves to be the center of attention. They need people to know they are successful in life and not afraid of anything. They always plan on winning. If they were an animal, they would be a tiger, lion, bear, eagle or elephant. They have little patience and want you to "get to the point". They are not afraid of conflict, love a challenge, and they live, (or want to), in the ritzy part of town.


Pure Blue's are:

Amiable, Caring, Sensitive, Soft-spoken, Nurturing type of Personality…They love children, plants, pets and the environment. Money, business and success is not the focus on their lives, they put their importance on friend-ship, family and worthwhile "causes". They volunteer for things they feel an emotional bond too. They love to talk, socialize and interact with others. People owe them money because they'll give it away freely. They drive an older car because they don't have a lot of money and they'd never get rid of something they consider their "friend"… they also talk to their plants, pets and cars. They are passive, warm and open to new ideas or your suggestions. They are good listeners, not afraid to wear glasses and wear comfortable clothes.

They can be gullible and trusting, therefore they get "used" by others and can get hurt.


Pure Red's are:

Spontaneous, Gotta-have-fun, Life of the party, Expressive, Outgoing type personalities… they are risk takers, skinny dippers, and bungee jumpers. They love sports, entertainment and practical jokes. They drive jet-ski's, bikes, 4-wheel drives and fast powerful convertible sports cars. They are sexual, they love to win, but they work 9-5 because their evenings and weekends are for play-time. They love to play hard, highly competitive and will always bite on a dare. They are comfortable with flashy or exciting color themes. They are very social, out-going, and open to new things.

They're mischievous.

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