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Master Series Business Planner 
Zipper/handled binder with tabbed sections and all system tools.
$200.00 $169.95 $29.95
"Reprogramming Your Habits for Success"  
Getting started 90 min. audio cassette.
$10.00 $5.00 $5.00
Starter System 
A streamlined 14 section version of the Master Series Planner, D-ring open binder, limited quantities available.
$160.00 $119.95 $39.95
Advanced Training Manual 
Explains in great detail every aspect of why and how your Business Planner dove-tails w/ your MLM business activities.
$50.00 $35.00 $15.00
"Turning Your Knowledge Into Cash" 
6 cassette series: 4 hours of "advanced" planner secrets that will help you achieve a six figure annual income!
$100.00 $69.95 $29.95
"Attitude" or "Create Wealth" Lapel Pins 
These powerful tools become conversation initiators using the 3-ft rule.
attitude.gif (46784 bytes)
(Mine makes me $1000's every year!)
$15.00 $12.00 $3.00
The "Round Tuit" Disk 
Is carried in a pant pocket or purse to remind and motivate you "To-Do" profitable things! This unique item will help you keep focused on earning $1000's as well.
$10.00 $7.00 $3.00
All four of David Klaybor's Books 
*10 Secrets of Marketing Success 
*Marketing Magic 
plus...2 new books this year entitled: 
*Books Don't Work Unless You Do 
*Personality Types, The 4 Secrets to Building Solid Relationships
$20.00 each $18.00 each $2.00
Coming Soon! Coming Soon!  
Replacement Sheets 
15 sheets w/approx. 200+ individual entries. 
Separately without "Daily schedule pages" sheets are $8.99 per 90 sheets.
$1.50 per section $1.50 per section  
The Calendar 
Additional A-Z section sheets, complete set $9.99
$14.99 each year $14.99 each year  


90 min. Training Cassette authored by world class, name- recognized trainer- David Klaybor
If you just take a second and Register here!


Tape title is: "Learn The Secrets & The Skills Needed To Earn $100k/Yr. & Become A Career Professional Networker"

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