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Relationship Counseling


  “PowerMind” Relationship Counseling Services  

David Klaybor

David Klaybor, part-time non-denominational Christian Minister, offers 1-on-1 or group:

Arbitration Counseling, Problem Solving Services, Or he can be your Personal/Business Advisor 


bulletWe offer an affordable alternative to expensive long-term counseling programs... and in many cases, we can provide better results in a fraction of the time!
bulletMr. Klaybor incorporates the 2000 year old art of “Personality Typing” to help normal mortal human beings better understand themselves and others virtually overnight.
bulletHe's modified the older complicated systems and updated them into a revolutionary teaching technology which is easy-to-understand and just as easy- to-use in life after you leave the office.

This proven “common sense” approach to solving inter-personal relationship problems will astound you in it's ability to dramatically impact your life. There's no confusing psychological profiling, card reading, or mystical power orientation... just rock solid solutions you can use immediately to overcome the challenges in your life.

Mr. Klaybor believes in this creed: “give a man a fish and it will feed him for a day... teach a man to fish and he can feed a village for a lifetime”. Come prepared to learn how to deal with all your woes.


bulletDo you have challenges coping with the pressures associated with your inter-personal relationships with:


bullet- Co-workers
bullet- Family Members
bullet- Children
bullet- Friends/Peers
bullet- Your Spouse
bullet- Authority Figures
bullet- Yourself
bullet- Boy/Girl Friends



bulletDo you have any of these symptoms... ?

bulletAre you tired of arguing with your boy/girl friend, spouse, co-workers or children ?
bulletAre you dissatisfied with your job? Would you like to learn how to better enjoy your work environment or find a new career direction?
bulletWould you like people to like & understand you, and would you like to know why they do things?
bulletAre you always forgetful, tired, over-loaded, behind and don't know what to do next?
bulletAre you sometimes disappointed or depressed about certain relationships?
bulletDo you have headaches or have muscles in knots due to stress and pressure? We'll help you relieve your tension.


Mr. Klaybor may not be able to solve every problem you have, but we have a track record of helping thousands reach their goals & dreams... perhaps we can do the same for you.  

The biggest regret we hear from our clients is:
“I wish I had called David sooner”...  

bulletWe'll help you:
bulletFind your soul mate or dramatically improve your existing relationship! (sex-life, social life, etc...)
bulletWe'll help you put a permanent smile on your face, get healthy & have more fun !
bulletYou'll actually look forward to going to work in the morning!.. and cope w/all the negative people.
bulletYou'll learn how to get along with even the toughest relationships you have in your life /w ease!
bulletYou'll enjoy interacting with your children, friends & family members again like you did long ago!

Mr. David Klaybor is an accomplished author, minister, pilot, health expert & professional speaker... he is heard on radio programs, seen on TV shows and puts on seminar workshops globally. To learn more, please call 949-450-3123 and leave a voice mail message. For non-profit ministries, singles groups and counseling operators, click here for more information. To view rates for relationship counseling please click here.

Good Luck & God Bless.

P.S. I invite you to read a portion of my book on "Personality Types" under the book section of our web-site. You will find it helpful, it is the basis of David's counseling services.

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I challenge you to contact Dave. He can reallllly help you !

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