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David Klaybor
David Klaybor, creator/designer of the revolutionary Powerline Business Planning System.

You've never  been exposed to Mr. Klaybor's teaching technologies. They are easy to understand, simple to do and fun to teach others!

Welcome to Powerline Systems
Direct Sales School for Entrepreneurs.

  How come you're so smart...yet your bank account is so small? It's because you are smart at all of the things that don't make you rich! . Captain Dave has the missing link that helps you TURN YOUR KNOWLEDGE INTO CASH & become a craftsman at your trade. We don't teach hype or focus just on motivation, there are plenty of fine individuals with motivational systems already in place to help you get excited. But few companies ever discuss or focus on Skill-Sets. We pride ourselves as being the only operation that specifically teaches individuals how to work the day to day items necessary to succeed in the network marketing or direct sales industry.

Skeptical? Some of you might be because everyone is trying to sell you something these days, right? Well, we invite you to just visit here online and we will convince you that Captain Dave and Powerline Systems has the real answers to your success.

Let me show you how to RETIRE in 2-4 years... drive a free car... go on exciting free vacations
Win company bonuses... get in your company magazine... Is this why you came to my site? I hope soooooo... Let's go on...

What are your dreams?

bulletTo retire in 2-4 yrs. with a $olid Passive income stream.
bulletYou can live in your dream house in just 18 months.
bulletDrive a luxury sedan or sports car in less than 6 months.
bulletGet your family out of debt and Design Your Life instead of grinding through meaningless daily activities.
bulletReach and develop your true potential in life.
bulletWould you like to win your next company bonus or be in your company's magazine?
bulletDavid teaches people just like you how to earn $100K a year in the direct sales industry.

15 year MLM Expert Captain Dave believes in you & will help you make it! ...just like he has done for ten's of thousands of others, just like you!


Do You Want to Succeed at Owning Your Own Business?

Have you been dissatisfied with your progress so far? If you are tired of expensive programs that promised to help you create wealth, and never delivered, then examine us. We have a decade of experience and testimonials backing our claims.

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Create Wealth


PowerLine's mission is to offer Personalized Mentoring Services as well as an NWMing School that helps individuals build self-esteem, and REALLY MAKE MONEY as part of the in-home business revolution. We have a DECADE of MEASURABLE RESULTS that proves our Training works! Business men/women, entrepreneurs, single parents, the handicapped, the elderly and many low-income families have all benefited by DK's Incredible Training Captain Dave makes you thrive pas part of the In-Home Business Explosion.  We can accomplish these noble goals with our innovative Teaching Technologies.


Capt. David will teach you how to...

bulletSponsor 10 people in 10 days!
bulletMake $500 in 72 hours!
bulletGet more referrals than you ever have in your life!
bulletGet More People Attending Your Meetings.
bulletLearn Secrets that Make People "BEG" to get in business with You!
bulletDouble Your Personal Income in 9 Months and 5 Times your Net Worth in 18 Months!
bulletExplode Your Business all Over the USA, Canada and Mexico!
bulletDavid will Show you How To Keep Your Sales Force More Active each Month and Have Less Fall-out!

And more...

This is a very large site and still growing, keep checking back so you don't miss a thing. Call us, e-mail, leave feedback, get our free tape, but don't pass up the opportunity to soar!


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Emailing us is BEST at or voice-mail 949-450-3123
All products and articles referred to herein are trademarks
or registered trademarks of David Klaybor and Powerline Systems.
All Rights Reserved.

I challenge you to contact Dave. He can reallllly help you !

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