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Private Distr. Consulting


Consulting Services and Workshops

If You Want To Learn How To:

"Sponsor 10 Quality People in 10 Short Days"...


"Be able to earn $500 in every 72 hours"...

Perhaps you need our consulting services, PowerLine seminars or PowerLine training workshops. Mr. Klaybor will give you the Secrets you must know in order for you to earn at east $100,000+ in annual income within the next 3-5 years! Is this what you’re looking for?!

If it was easy to make $100k/yr., everyone would be making it, wouldn't’t they?... but the facts are, in the MLM industry, it is absolutely possible for an average person to achieve financial independence... all they have to do, is the same things the top earners do. It’s that simple. Any individual can acquire the secrets from the "tools" sold by these leaders. What’s missing from this formula is the very thing that makes Mr. Klaybor’s teaching technologies valuable. He gives us the strategies to install the information we have accumulated in books and tapes. His world-class recognition comes from his ability to bridge the gap between "what we think we know... and what we actually earn. David’s strategies boil down to this simple formula:

"Turning Knowledge Into Cash!"

$125.00 per hour. Please call and ask about group rates.

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I challenge you to contact Dave. He can reallllly help you !

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