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Becoming a PLS Facilitator



Teachers...Trainers...Instructors Needed:

PowerLine Systems, a professional leadership training firm is seeking Independent Training Consultants to market our extraordinary Business Planning System. You will personally instruct others how to become "Career Oriented" Network Marketing Professionals. You must possess the following qualities:


Financial stability


Love people more than money


Anticipate a six figure income for your dedicated hard work --either full time or part time


The ability to organize a workshop or seminar from inception to completion


Strong MLM, organizational and time management skills


Punctual, responsible, absolutely dependable and not a quitter!

The foundation of our training is based on the "revolutionary teaching technologies" of Captain Dave Klaybor's Business Planning System. We work directly with the owners of 25 of the largest Multi-level companies in the nation to reduce fall-out and increase sales!

Thousands of our distributors attest to out "Proven Formula for Success" through personal testimonial success stories!

Join us in teaching the top secrets of our industry to others... you too can grow professionally!

Send resume & audio or video tapes to PowerLine Systems at the address on our contact page.

Powerline Systems: Direct Sales Wholesale Distributor Program

Coming Soon!


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