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Free Seminars


Popular Relationship Counselor
Offers Free Seminar!

The Author/Presenter can only perform a dozen of these events annually: Therefore this Special Offer is only open to: 


- ministries 


- singles groups 


- family or children's groups 


- single parents groups 


- health organizations

   Topic's include:

bullet- Finding your soul mate... or, re-kindling the passion in your relationship with your spouse/lover...
bullet- Becoming friends w/ your kids again... how to stop shouting/arguing and become a better parent...
bullet- Building or re-building solid relationships with friends, family and co-workers: learn to be/have a real friend
bullet- Finding the career that's right for you... or how to enjoy the job you have...
bullet- Learn how to understand others and get them to like, trust and understand you...
bullet- Reduce stress, pressure and all the negativity in your life... overnight! Learn to love life everyday...
bullet- Learn how a "healthy body" helps you create "healthy relationships"... (PowerBody = PowerMind)


Who Is The Speaker/Presenter Captain Dave Klaybor? 


He is an accomplished author, columnist, business builder, entrepreneur, aviator, minister, health expert & professional speaker... he is heard on radio programs, seen on cable TV shows and puts on seminar workshops globally. His teachings revolve around his new book titled: (Personality typing) "The 4 Secrets to Building Solid Relationships"

No group has ever been disappointed in David's enlightening presentation... he incorporates humor, group inter-action, dynamic leadership, along with solid research materials into his program. He can speak 30 minutes up to 1.5 hours as part of this special "free" program. His topics are not controversial, negative or impolite... his topics are captivating, pro-active, positive, informative, and he always commands the groups attention. The crowd always seems to want more information when he's through. Mr. Klaybor is not doing this to sell anything to your group... he has materials, but he doesn't go out of his way to market anything directly to your group.

He is doing a limited # of these "free" programs to donate his time to worthwhile organizations with members he feels really value and need his teachings.

Our seminars are virtually guaranteed to be very enjoyable and entertaining... yet provide powerful informative materials attendees can use to solve inter-personal relationship type problems in their everyday lives!
David promotes love, harmony, friendship, good health and the termination of everything that is negative in our relationships and life.

Local operations can secure a date with a leading author/teacher at no cost... people outside a 25 mile radius of his Fountain Valley, CA home base will simply pay all travel/lodging expenses. (50 attendee's min.)

email Mr. Klaybor at or be sure to put PowerMind in the subject line

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I challenge you to contact Dave. He can reallllly help you !

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