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Counseling Rates



Relationship Counseling, Arbitration, and Problem Solving Service:



Our Rates!

Reg. Clinic Rates
Hourly rate... $ 125.00 $200 - $300.

This fee is due and payable immediately upon completion of the session.
Sorry, no credit limits will be extended.
Hardship cases considered on a per-case basis & must be in writing.

Block rates: Our Rates! Reg. Clinic Rates
a- 5 hour block . $ 110.00/hr. n/a ..
b- 10 hour block $ 95.00/hr. n/a ..

These rate are non-refundable and good for 36 mo.'s from date of purchase...
Do not purchase a block of time more than you feel you will require.
These services can be passed on to immediate family only.
Arbitration/Advanced Problem-Solving & Bus.Consulting:  Call to work out rates or retainer fees on a per job basis

Life-Changing Seminars:  
1/2 Day 3-4 hr.  Workshop
$1,000 per event + travel & lodging
1 Day Workshop
1 day events are 9am-4pm. /w lunch.
$1,500 per event + travel & lodging
2 Day Workshop
2 day events are 9am-4pm. /w lunch.
$2,000 per event + travel & lodging
3 Day "Weekender"
3 day includes Fri. night evening event or dinner meeting 6pm-9pm.
$2,500 per event + travel & lodging
- Prices & terms can be tailored to fit your individual needs. So call us with your creative concepts or ideas. Our goal is to change lives!  
- We will be allowed to market our products at the back of the room. So please set up a table to display our materials.  
- Attendees will not be charged a large sum of money to participate, or we will need to negotiate a percentage of gross after expenses are paid.  
- No arrangement date is guaranteed or considered confirmed until we receive a 50% deposit and hotel/airline reservations.  
The deposit is not refundable unless we can re-book the date with another client... (it is in both our best interests to make every attempt to do so.)  
- We are not responsible if the transportation system selected doesn't deliver us on time. (This has never been a problem to date.)  
- Our clients are expected to pay all outstanding fees promptly after completing the powerful event.  


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