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Important Announcement

From David Klaybor, President of Powerline Systems

To the tens of thousands of our multi-level clients, to all my personal network marketing friends, and all persons who consider themselves to be "Network Marketing Career Professionals"...

Situation: Powerline Systems, having established itself as the undisputed worlds expert at increasing the productivity of all serious network marketing distributors, has been besieged by requests to compensate planner purchasers for the subsequent sales made from referrals. Therefore you will be pleased to find out that Powerline has created a new volume discount sales division within the company. You can now register as a Wholesale Powerline Distributor! Furthermore, this division will offer it's hard working distributors a multi-tiered compensation program specifically created to pay commissions to our clients for on going referral sales. This is our way of saying "Thank-you" for your patronage and participation in our continuing education programs.

Message:  Powerline is going to pay commissions of 5%, 5 tiers in depth to all qualifying participants set up as Powerline distributors. See our wholesale buying plan for specific details... Anticipate a long-term supplemental income from your part time investment in our business opportunity.

Mission:  Powerline will not directly compete with any main-stream network marketing company operations. Our job is purely to advance the career professionalism of network marketing distributors like you... And, to increase productivity in your current MLM business. Powerline teaching technologies pertain to time management, organization, increased productivity, motivation, and generic MLM skills through books, tapes, manuals, seminars and services that do not interfere with other MLM training programs.

Code of ethics: It is always a benefit to have an outside, third party source adding credibility to any existing business opportunity. Powerline will act as your independent expert source, lending support to all network marketing distributors, no matter what their affiliation. We will support a code-of-conduct for high-level network marketing career professionalism that transcends individual MLM company boundaries. Powerline distributors will all be united in the "cause" of professional-izing our industry. Anticipate a specialized magazine or newsletter.

Powerline systems is not going to be a mainstream network marketing company. We will remain the same professional, responsible, safe, non-threatening MLM teaching firm we always have been. The only difference is that we are going to compensate our loyal client/distributors with a check each month. Our company is truly unique. It will be for professional network marketers only. Our code of ethics, and terminations policies, will prevent an individual from attempting to cross sponsor within the ranks of his/her downline. No downline statistical information will ever be given out to Powerline distributors by our company. We will provide the tools needed for you to communicate with your Powerline downline. PowerLine's job is to increase your productivity and sales, not to decrease them!

This is a safe business opportunity. Our teaching technologies will not interfere with any multi-level marketing firms existing training formulas.

We need your assistance in performing the following:

We are seeking national leaders, regional coordinators, local trainers/teachers, in house administrators, clerical assistants, desktop publishing experts and distributor leadership.

We need to setup approximately 100 IDC's (Independent Distribution Centers) in the U.S. alone. (ask about this unique business opportunity)

This is a great time to start building your primary sales force. Some of the best positioning in this business opportunity will go on during the first year. Powerline is already an established firm doing business in over 150 MLM companies in 12 different countries!.. Position yourself now for the anticipated growth. Send in your order and application immediately... Timing is everything!

Summary:  The offer is simple... you can soon be earning a 5% commission, 5 tiers in depth each month for the planner sales made throughout your sales organization. Why not join the thousands who plan to join us in our quest to assist network marketing distributors reach their goals, dreams and aspirations... before someone you know joins us first. You might wish to earn extra part time income as a Powerline trainer.

Send in your application and orders today! You could have a supplemental Powerline check as early as next month!

David Klaybor
and the staff of Powerline Systems

Download application

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I challenge you to contact Dave. He can reallllly help you !

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