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What We Do For You


Would You Like To Form a "Strategic Alliance Business Partnership" With a Generic Training & Consulting Firm That Has a Proven Track Record of Increasiing Sales??

Mr. Klaybor's mission in life and the driving force behind his teaching and training materials is to:

bulletMake the clients sales force more productive... thus increasing sales to record heights.
bulletIncrease the monthly activity ratio... thus establishing and maintaining momentum.
bulletDecrease the monthly fall-out ratio...thus sustaining long-term growth.
bulletBuild many more distributors into "career professional network marketers"... thus acting as an insurance policy that'll perpetuate loyalty & prevent the potential for raiding.

Have more distributors using all the company's sales aids in their retailing and recruiting efforts, as well as using all the operations communications systems (voice mail,fax-on-demand,web,s/w)... thus reducing internal staffing requirements, overall operating expenses and related stress.


David Klaybor is dedicated to helping firms like yours accomplish these goals through:


The development of each individual distributors "skill-sets", so that they can competently:

bulletAnswer objections, use sales phraseology, find and convert leads into money!
bulletUnderstand how to navigate all MLM activities like :
bullet3-way/conference calling
bulletLong distance sponsoring
bulletGetting referrals
bulletBusiness. presentations or do home parties
bulletRetail product
bulletHelp them run ads that work to recruit thousands of new distributors
bulletHandle negativity so your sales force doesn't get off-track
bulletShow your firms benefits, etc..
bulletDavid will implement "accountability programs": to force people to take more action that will produce more sales volume
bulletDavid has formulated "follow-up systems": so your distr.'s get back to the people they made promises to...
bulletDavid will get your distr.'s calling back more people than you can imagine!
bulletDavid will install "The power of asking great questions" So distr.'s uncover & neutralize a prospects concerns
bulletCommunicate effectively/w others so they "Qualify" their prospects up-front
bulletDistr.'s will learn the art of "networking" !!
(how many of your distr.'s really know how?)
bulletDavid will show distr.'s how to "cold-market prospect", and then how to convert these leads into cash.
bulletDistr.'s will clean up the cluttered mess found in
their disorganized work environment.
bulletDistr.'s will master how to run, manage & perform every kind of MLM "event".

Teach distr.'s how to break through barriers that are holding them back from sponsoring prospects.

The implementation of these activities must be a goal of every MLM firm and will drive sales to $100-300M/yr. ! If the firm is a "public co.", an additional by-product is to dramatically elevate price/share of the stock held by it's founder/investors in the least amount of time.

How many direct sales marketing firms can you name who're grossing over $100M/yr.? (10... 20... 30...?) Of the 4,000+ companies who've launched, very few have gone on to become giants. The purpose of this document is to form some kind of a marriage between your great business operation and a proven name-recognized industry educator. Is your firm serious about adding another player (for free) to your team in an effort to become stronger than the 3,999 competitors trying to recruit your sales force away from your company? Working together, we can do all the things listed above But he is looking to form a strategic alliance with the right operation.

Our Promise:

We will increase recruitment and product sales... this will measurably increase your distributor's monthly activity-ratio... which will absolutely decrease fall-out. The by-product is a measurable increase in gross sales. Moreover, we promise to reduce overhead, reduce the amount of incoming problem calls, and thus reduce the amount of overall stress & pressure in your in-house work environment.


PowerLine has just produced, a brand new, (very impressive), 90 minute audio cassette tape designed to explain the benefits of purchasing "The PowerLine Business Planner"... A tool that should be in the hands of every one of your active distributors in order for them to sponsor new distributors and sell your products.

The Reaction:

The results from our research show that 84% of the people who've reviewed the tape say they are "very compelled" into buying the planner. Respondents indicate that they "could not turn it off". Additionally, we have a decade of testimonial that prove more than 60% of our planner users have increased their sponsoring efforts within 2-6 weeks of implementing the planner.

Special Promo:

You give away our exciting new tape, and we increase your sales and pay you a commission on our planners as well. We'll help you make millions of extra dollars.


To create a "test program" exciting enough to encourage Network operations to include our new tape and brochure inside every distributor kit for 2-3 months. We encourage each MLM firm to mail out at least 1,000 tapes in order to glean enough data to measure the results of this program. We are convinced that you will earn an extra $100,000/month directly due to the increase in distributor productivity. Your distributor's are going to buy a planner anyway, why not encourage them to use the worlds absolute best?! This is a win/win/win situation.

How do we get started ?

bulletYou do not have to commit to an expensive long-term marketing program... But we strongly suggest that you get started immediately "testing" and doing your market research to see if this program is going to work as well as we say!
bulletThen, get as many tapes as you feel comfortable sending out. We suggest 500-1,000 min.
bulletWe have negotiated an unbelievable deal w/ a duplicator...
(you absolutely can't beat these terms) You receive a 90 min. audio cassette tape, (worth .97cents each),for only .67 cents each! (500 tape min. order or .74 ea-100 or .64 ea-2000... call Mr. Mark at 800-318-1997 for more details) .... Prices include shipping and handling! And, we'll also throw-in (free-of-charge), personalized imprinting on both sides of the tape with your name, address, phone #, and any other message you wish to have printed on the case.Heck, you can re-name the tape if you like.
bulletAdditionally, if you wish, we can edit or modify the contents of the tape for only $65/hr. to add any special message. If you only invested $173... your expected commission income should be over $1,700... that's a 1,000% rate-of return on your investment in just weeks!
bulletIf you call Mon., you could be mailing out tapes Fri... and earning planner commissions within a week... then, within six to eight weeks your firm could be witnessing an increase in gross sales due to an increase in distributor sponsoring and retailing!

When we're finished with the test program detailed herein, we will be happy to be placed on your companies order form. You can either inventory the planners yourself... or we'll be happy to ship out any orders you receive directly to your distributor. Give us an idea of what you have in mind and we'll come up with a price and terms you will be happy with. Remember, it's not so much "the profit" your company makes from the sale of our product , so much as it's the increased sales that are make from the use of our planner. An aggressive program can increase your gross sales by 10% per quarter min. (to even larger maximums!) Using us now will dramatically improve how long a distr. stays with your operation. DAVID KLAYBOR can participate in your local, regional or national events, as well as conference. calls to help your distr.'s learn the system. Let's talk more if you want to do this.

Let's talk... there's got to be something we can do for one another
to increase both our sales!


714-429-9321 (10am - 3pm or late evening PST)

PowerLine Systems
17200 Newhope St. #216
Fountain Valley CA 92708


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I challenge you to contact Dave. He can reallllly help you !

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